A Native of England, raised in Marlow Buckinghamshire, an idyllic town on the banks of the River Thames. Marlow can be traced back to 1086 and  voted in its first member of parliament in 1299.  Marlow was also home to a few of histories interesting people. Percy Shelly, the Poet, his wife  Mary who wrote Frankenstein, and  TS.Elliot, the American playwright.

Marlow, a  small town when Jane was born ,however it was full of beautiful  estates, cottages, row homes  with, cobbled streets . Jane’s fascination and passion for real estate began early when she applied for her first job with an Estate Agent at 10 years old.

After being turned down, Jane finished School and  College then begun to travel the World. Lucky enough to have traveled to every continent except India and Australia. Jane found her self in Love and moved to America and settled in the Tri Cities in 1979.

On arrival in the Tri-Cities she vividly remembers wind, sagebrush, water colored hills and sunsets to rival anywhere else in the World. The Columbia River was akin to The Thames, (true it is mightier and cleaner). Jane  had come to roost in the wonderful Columbia Valley she was home and home to stay. Jane is happily married with 4 grown children and 4 grand children.

In Real Estate, Jane is a multi-million dollar agent who provides excellent service. She is known for her direct and honest approach and is passionate about meeting her clients needs.  Jane lives by her creed “Never trade your reputation for profit”.

“I listen to what is important to my buyers and my sellers, and I direct my efforts to meeting each of their goals. Because I handle my business affairs with honesty and a firm commitment to meeting individual needs, my clients, both buyers and sellers, know that they have been dealt with openly and fairly.
Jane Beyer